Final paper on Quality Management Plan and Risk Management Plan

1Q: Final Project Paper
Your final project for this module will require you to come up with a Quality Management Plan. This plan should revolve around Quality Management as it concerns Risk Management for the organization. What would be required of the organization to provide a quality Risk Management program?
Sample plans can be viewed online here:
Include all of the factors necessary to create the Risk Management Program, provide for measurable goals and achievements and measurable quality.
You should also include a short presentation. Present as though the CEO and Board of Directors are in the audience. This presentation should quickly explain the need for the Risk Management Program and how the Quality Management Plan will address implementation issues.
At the end of the paper, describe how three of your Clifton Strengths might be used in working on a team to craft a Risk and Quality plan. (My three Clifton strengths are; Competition, Activator and Communication).
The paper should be around 10-12 pages including references. The presentation should be no more than 5 or 6 slides and should include speaker notes for each slide.
The final paper will be assessed with the Academic Writing (67%) and Reflective Learning (33%) rubrics.
2Q: Final Presentation PPT
Each cohort member will present their topic in no more than 10 minutes during the Session 7 Class. This should encompass 10- 12 slides describing your final Paper. The presentation will be assessed using the Presentation rubric.
Write in APA foramt
Must cover all points from the question
need headings and Reference compulsory
ppt should provide with notes and Pictures
no plagiarism present
But i need ppt within 14 hours, u can take time for Final paper