Politics news assignment

To help this process along, please read and follow the instructions below.
1. Make sure your article relates to the chapter. No matter how many of you tried, the president speaking at the UN was not an example of federalism.
2. Style wise. Put your name and chapter on a blank page. Then add your article. Last comes your paper. There is no reason to add article name, author, print source or date. I will have already seen them. So, begin with something like: This article highlights ( begin with major issues) discussed in chapter (#). Then use rest of paragraph to present relevance of article to broader issue, such as congressional/presidential relations.
3. Then make it clear why, for example, Senate rules and Republican promises to dismantle Obamacare are affecting potential passage.
4. Concluding paragraph should have your thoughts on issue and analysis. A check + paper will include this last paragraph.
the topic is civil liberties